Hiren Chate

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Beat of a drum has been created to propagate the art of Indian Classical music and various other musical genres across generations and backgrounds. The essence of the classical art form has not been fully explored properly with regular music lovers and the younger generation in particular.

Beat of a Drum's aim is to host and promote classical and experimental music events that have strong interactive and collaborative theme which are achieved through bringing together artists from complimentary and different genres. These events are often followed by educational, creative and interactive workshops with educational institutions and corporates. The workshops have an experimental feel by weaving innovative ideas like combining Music & Theatre, Music & Mathematics, Music & Design, Music & Management and so forth. Beat of a Drum believes that to save and promote the identity and richness of the classical arts, we all need to play a part in designing and packaging it for the masses.

We have an incredible network of individuals who we have brought together from various artistic fields that will contribute their own expertise and creativity. We at BEAT OF A DRUM organize regular "BAITHAK" featuring Indian classical music wherein 90-100 people are regular listeners from different age groups. Artists from Ahmedabad and other cities perform regularly at these baithaks. Baithak has become a popular fixture among music listeners in Ahmedabad. The concept has found support in terms of publicity by local newspaper like DNA, Divya bhaskar, Gujarat Samachar and others too. BAITHAKS are also happening in Toronto. London & Dubai too. 'HOMAGE' is another event, which is organized every year on 4th June in the memory of my father Lt Raghunath Chate, a platform for young and upcoming artist to showcase their talent alongside the masters.